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Surface Science Water Beads
SurfaceScience® is the newest member of the GardGroup family of Companies; Established in 2007, its mandate is To Preserve & Protect® today’s various surfaces from the harsh environment in which we live. We also believe that quality products show in ease of application, longevity and durability. 

SurfaceScience®'s BioBrand® Eco-Technology products are designed to respect our planet and its resources. Authentic micro-molecular technology is used in many SurfaceScience® products to provide additional performance characteristics not found in other products on the market today.


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About SurfaceScience®

liquid bleakers SurfaceScienceThe science behind our family of proprietary products is an all-encompassing blend of simple, safe, basic ingredients such as water and Micro Molecular organic technology created in some of the most advanced state- of-the-art laboratories in the world.

Revolutionary thinking was fundamental in developing our versatile product line, resulting in the protection of new and old surfaces which is required for longer and improved lifespans.


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