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SurfaceScience® Hospital Cleaning Supplies & Antimicrobial Cleaners

SurfaceScience® has a multitude of commercial cleaners and health care facility maintenance supplies. Our antimicrobial cleaners not only protect the surfaces it is applied to, the antimicrobial coating also inhibits the growth of germs and bacteria on a long term basis.

No more headaches from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) with our exclusive BioBrand® Eco-Friendly hospital cleaning supplies, floor cleaners and coatings. BioBrand® Defend is a revolutionary VOC free fabric protector based on the recent achievements in Micro Molecular Organic Technology. BioBrand® Defend's antibacterial properties are based on a physical, not chemical process that results in 99.999% bacteria fatality rate. This leaves a long-lasting high performance coating and sealant protecting your facility.

Based on a controlled release process, BioBrand® Stop recognizes the presence of pathogens and destroys them on contact. It prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew which all contribute to different immune system sicknesses and stain causing odours. It has proven to be one of the most powerful antibacterial solutions to date compared to other eco-friendly cleaners and detailing supplies.

Interior Products

Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

SurfaceScience Stainless Steel cleaner and polish  pic

SurfaceScience® Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish is a one step cleaner, polish and protector that removes dirt, residue and fingerprints from stainless steel, and other surfaces.

BioBrand Enzyme Odour Remover

SurfaceScience BioBrand Enzyme Odour Remover

BioBrand® Enzyme Odour Remover is an efficient odor neutralizer with an easy spray and walk away application process. All natural, you can trust this water based formulation to be effective.

Stain Eliminator

SurfaceScience Stain Remover

SurfaceScience® Stain Eliminator will make accidents a distant memory and clean ups a breeze. No spill or spot is safe from this product.

Glue, Gum & Black Mark Remover

Glue Gum and Black Mark remover

Spot Removers are used for removing the most stubborn adhesives, glues, gum & black marks from all types of surfaces. It is perfect for use in the home, vehicle, garage, workshop & the workplace.

BioBrand Biodegradable Soap

BioBrand Biodegradable Soap by SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Biodegradable Soap is an eco-friendly biodegradable cleaner used in the residential, automotive,  industrial, commercial, agricultural and farming industries.

OneCoat™ Floor

OneCoat™ Floor is a high-tech coating for linoleum, plastic & rubber flooring. It creates a high-gloss floor finish - ideal for restoring finishes on floor surfaces.

BioBrand Stop

SurfaceScience BioBrand Stop by Surface Science pic of germs

BioBrand® Stop is a multi-purpose long-lasting cleaner. It leaves an antimicrobial coating to stop the growth of future bacteria & germs.

BioBrand AquaGardHT

AquaGardHT Interior Glass Treatment

BioBrand® AquaGardHT is a rain repellent for your outside windows and water repellent for glass shower doors, mirrors and works as a great interior industrial protective coating for windows.

Exterior Products

BioBrand Alkawash Blue

BioBrand AlkaWash by SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Alkawash Blue is an eco friendly multi-purpose cleaner & degreaser perfect for cleaning deep down stains in the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural industries.


SurfaceScience Graffit-Be-Gone

SurfaceScience® has a simple, fast & easy Graffiti Remover
and Spray Paint Remover. Erase the Graffiti in your life
with Graffiti-Be-Gone.

Glue, Gum & Black Mark Remover

Glue Gum and Black Mark remover

BioBrand Canvas Protect

BioBrand Canvas Protect by BioBrand

BioBrand® Canvas Protect is an organic highly concentrated waterproofing fabric protector. It can effectively waterproof canvas found in camper roof tops, car tops, , marine canvas, awnings and tents.

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