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The OneMop® Patented Mop System            OneWipe Handout

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Identifies products from our network of environmentally sustainable partners, for products/systems that are only available in Canada through SurfaceScience®.

OneWipe® Disposable Micro-Fibre Cloths


You can use the OneWipe dry, damp or wet! this versatile micro-fibre cloth is ideal for polishing, dusting, scrubbing or just plain cleaning. The OneWipe functions as a normal micro-fibre cloth - but for the price of a disposable. Based on the same patented construction as the OneMop® Mop Pads. The design gives the fabric a core of stability and volume in which the microfibres get maximum function and material waste is minimized. OneWipes are proven to reduce water usage and chemical consumption. The OneWipe can be used and washed repeated times without loosing shape nor jeopardizing performance! Effectively removes fine particles as well as larger debris without scratching critical surfaces, OneWipes provide streak-free cleaning for any surface including mirrors, glass and the hard to clean - Stainless Steel.

Created in Sweden where the reduction of our environmental “water” footprint is of on-going concern, the OneWipe design effectively reduces water consumption by consuming 99% less water without compromising hygiene.

Offered exclusively through SurfaceScience® as part of the OneMop® cleaning system designed to decrease water consumption, reduce our environmental impact while providing superior cleaning results.

Why Choose OneWipe® Disposables?

Switching to a disposable mop system has proven to cut expenses, maintenance fees & reduce labour costs, but these are just a few of the vast benefits you will achieve by switching to the OneMop® Mop System and the OneWipe Micro-Fibre Cloths. Other benefits include:

  • Simplifies inventory and space management
  • Increases chemical & inventory control
  • Has increase absorbency & particle holding power
  • Reduces opportunities for cross contamination
  • Greater cleaning & infection control
  • Prevents dirty mop heads from contaminating cleaning solution
  • Shrink your required storage footprint/space
  • Save employees & managers time & steps throughout the day by eliminating the need to constantly dump dirty buckets of water and gather supplies
  • Help prevent the transmission of pathogens
  • Overall reduction in solid/disposal waste in our landfills when compared to their traditional cloths and/or string-mop counterparts
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces chemical costs associated with cleaning
  • Reduces cleaning times while increasing labour productivity
  • Ensures first-rate removal of both visible and non-visible particles


The Disposable That's Re-useable!

Companion Products

OneMop Handle

OneMop® Handle

The OneMop® Handle is a light-weight, ergonomic mop pole that attaches directly to the OneMop® base.

OneMop® Bases by Surface Science

OneMop® Bases

Available in 3 different size and attaches directly to the OneMop® handle - no need for additional attachments or parts.

OneMop Refill Pads

OneMop® Refill Pads

OneMop® Refill pads are available in three different sizes attaching directly to the velcro base of the OneMop® and is comprised of highly absorbent micro-fibres.

OneWipe by OneMop

OneWipe by OneMop®

OneWipe by OneMop® is lint-free and features an extremely high dirt holding capacity and functions as a normal micro-fibre cloth but for the cost of a disposable!




OneWipe® Micro-Fibre Disposable Cloths Are Perfect In:

Healthcare • Dental Facilities • Schools • Retail Stores • Salons • Food Service Industry • Restaurants • Kitchens • Public Showers • Hospitality • Health & Fitness Facilities • Pharmaceutical • Life Sciences (Laboratories) • Locker Rooms • Restrooms • Commercial Buildings • Lunch Rooms • Conference Rooms



The OneMop® Patented Mop System            OneWipe Handout

Click Image To Download Info Sheets and/or Handout



OneWipes are Perfect for Cleaning:

White Boards • Furniture • Appliances • Kitchen • Bathroom • Car Interior • Hand Tools • Spills & Messes • Floors • Garage



OneWipes are Perfect for Polishing:

Mirrors • Glass • Televisions • Computer Monitors • Cell Phone Screens • Windows/Glass • Shoes & Boots • Countertops • Mirrors • Faucets • Taps • Stainless Steel

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