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OneWipe® Disposable Micro-Fibre Cloths


You can use the OneWipe® dry, damp or wet! this versatile micro-fibre cloth is ideal for polishing, dusting, scrubbing or just plain cleaning. The OneWipe®  functions as a normal micro-fibre cloth - but for the price of a disposable. Based on the same patented construction as the OneMop® Mop Pads. The design gives the fabric a core of stability and volume in which the microfibres get maximum function and material waste is minimized. OneWipe® are proven to reduce water usage and chemical consumption. The OneWipe® can be used and washed repeated times without loosing shape nor jeopardizing performance! Effectively removes fine particles as well as larger debris without scratching critical surfaces, OneWipe® provide streak-free cleaning for any surface including mirrors, glass and the hard to clean - Stainless Steel.

Created in Sweden where the reduction of our environmental “water” footprint is of on-going concern, the OneWipe® design effectively reduces water consumption by consuming 99% less water without compromising hygiene.

Offered exclusively through SurfaceScience® as part of the OneMop® cleaning system designed to decrease water consumption, reduce our environmental impact while providing superior cleaning results.

Why Choose OneWipe® Disposables?

Switching to a disposable mop system has proven to cut expenses, maintenance fees & reduce labour costs, but these are just a few of the vast benefits you will achieve by switching to the OneMop® Mop System and the OneWipe Micro-Fibre Cloths. Other benefits include:

  • Simplifies inventory and space management
  • Increases chemical & inventory control
  • Has increase absorbency & particle holding power
  • Reduces opportunities for cross contamination
  • Greater cleaning & infection control
  • Prevents dirty mop heads from contaminating cleaning solution
  • Shrink your required storage footprint/space
  • Save employees & managers time & steps throughout the day by eliminating the need to constantly dump dirty buckets of water and gather supplies
  • Help prevent the transmission of pathogens
  • Overall reduction in solid/disposal waste in our landfills when compared to their traditional cloths and/or string-mop counterparts
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces chemical costs associated with cleaning
  • Reduces cleaning times while increasing labour productivity
  • Ensures first-rate removal of both visible and non-visible particles


The Disposable That's Re-useable!

Companion Products

OneMop Handle

OneMop® Handle

The OneMop® Handle is a light-weight, ergonomic mop pole that attaches directly to the OneMop® base.

OneMop® Bases by Surface Science

OneMop® Bases

Available in 3 different size and attaches directly to the OneMop® handle - no need for additional attachments or parts.

OneMop Refill Pads

OneMop® Refill Pads

OneMop® Refill pads are available in three different sizes attaching directly to the velcro base of the OneMop® and is comprised of highly absorbent micro-fibres.

OneWipe by OneMop

OneWipe by OneMop®

OneWipe by OneMop® is lint-free and features an extremely high dirt holding capacity and functions as a normal micro-fibre cloth but for the cost of a disposable!




OneWipe® Micro-Fibre Disposable Cloths Are Perfect In:

Healthcare • Dental Facilities • Schools • Retail Stores • Salons • Food Service Industry • Restaurants • Kitchens • Public Showers • Hospitality • Health & Fitness Facilities • Pharmaceutical • Life Sciences (Laboratories) • Locker Rooms • Restrooms • Commercial Buildings • Lunch Rooms • Conference Rooms



The OneMop® Patented Mop System            OneWipe Handout

Click Image To Download Info Sheets and/or Handout



OneWipes are Perfect for Cleaning:

White Boards • Furniture • Appliances • Kitchen • Bathroom • Car Interior • Hand Tools • Spills & Messes • Floors • Garage



OneWipes are Perfect for Polishing:

Mirrors • Glass • Televisions • Computer Monitors • Cell Phone Screens • Windows/Glass • Shoes & Boots • Countertops • Mirrors • Faucets • Taps • Stainless Steel

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