OneCoat™ High Gloss Ceramic Coating

OneCoat™ High Gloss Ceramic Coating

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OneCoat is resistant to peeling, flaking, scratching, abrasion and chemical agents and can be used to protect new surface finishes and restore the gloss to dull and worn surfaces. This proprietary coating is a great way to refurbish old paint & renew metal painted surfaces like: steel roofing, equipment and trailers. Formulated in a one-part, air-cure, easy-to-apply coating with unparalleled uv stability and hydrophobic properties, this coating excels in outdoor applications. 

OneCoat can also be used to renew and enhance the vibrancy and shine of faded metal rooftops and outdoor buildings. This anti-corrosive barrier coating works well on agriculture equipment and livestock trailers/haulers or any other application requiring a tough and durable performance coating.

  • Easy single coat application
  • UV resistant painted surface coating that provides long term protection
  • Reduces the buildup of dirt and water, while increasing surface durability
  • Ready to use formula with high weather resistance and easy to clean properties
  • Easy to apply, long lasting non-sacrificial protective coating
  • Recreates the finish on worn painted metal surfaces working as a colour restorer
  • Rebuilds the colour on faded roof tops and enhances shine
  • Works as an clear anti-corrosive barrier coating
  • Superior corrosion, wear, impact, scratch and chemical resistance
  • Industry leading durability, hardness, flexibility and adhesion
  • Excellent coverage and consistency resulting in a ultra-smooth, sleek, rich finish

Wash, dry, then apply. The surface to be treated must be clean and free from grease, waxes, oil and dirt. Surface preparation is critical for maximum adhesion and performance. Allow surface to completely dry before application. Complete instructions and training available. 

Perfect For

Trains • Buses • Signage • Cattle Haulers • Horse Trailers • Steel Roofing • Outdoor Buildings • Farm Equipment • Agriculture Equipment • Used Equipment • Outbuildings • Storage Sheds • Equipment & Furniture Restoration

One Coat is all you need

The OneCoat™ is a high performance single-component coating that can be used on most painted metal surfaces. Its high weather resistance and E2C (Easy 2 Clean) properties result in the reduction of maintenance costs. Our OneCoat Coating can be used to protect new surface finishes and will restore the gloss to dull and worn surfaces. Prevents corrosion and UV degradation while preventing mold and mildew growth.

Designed specifically to be the thinnest, yet strongest, clear coating on the market, OneCoat can be applied to nearly any substrate, from hydrographics and composites, to metals and plastics.