Safety Screening System

with Data Reporting

Utilizing Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi®, the Gardian HS App in conjunction with the hands-free Gardian HS Monitor, can dispense hand sanitizer while recording the temperature, date and time of users. Gardian HS Monitors record results and provides alerts of any higher-than-average temperature readings. These monitoring and recording capabilities will assist in meeting the health control protocols now in place for the safe return of employees and customers into their establishments and workplaces. 

SurfaceScience cares for the health and safety of all individuals and has developed the Gardian HS Monitor with unique technology to help reduce the unintended spread of viruses making it the ideal screening system for all private and public sectors. 

Our interactions with others have changed and SurfaceScience is continually working on technology to make these changes less complicated and more enjoyable. 


• LED temperature display
• Voice reporting
• Works with gel and spray sanitizers
• Touchless Infrared (IR) induction sensor for optimum sanitation
• Accurate thermal temperature sensors ( +/-0.3˚C )
• High temperature alarm/fever alert
• 1 year manufacturer warranty

Smart Features

• Smartphone/tablet and computer/laptop cloud connectivity  (Android, iOS, PC)
• Bluetooth 5.0 controlled for easy, flexible and accurate use
• Adjustable Celsius or Fahrenheit
• Adjustable sanitizer dispensing volume and duration control
• Adjustable voice volume control
• Multi-language audio control
• Temperature, time, and date data collection and retrieval
• Smart phone high-temperature notifications
• Record user information via contactless ID cards (NFC enabled  models only)

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How It Works

During the dispensing of hand sanitizer, the Gardian HS Monitor immediately detects a individuals’ temperature, time and date. The temperature reading is then digitally displayed on the unit and through audible voice announcement, while data is pushed and securely stored in the Gardian HS cloud system, where it remains accessible anytime.

With real-time recording of data, you will be able to help the public health inspectors confirm your compliance regarding the screening protocols and the validity of your screening method. These reports can assist in daily, weekly and monthly data history for all users. The Gardian HS provides a new level of assurance by assisting in cutting down the speed of virus and pathogen transmission. 

About The Gardian HS App

• Secure Cloud-Based Data Recording
• Access Reports Anywhere Via App
• WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC Compatible Styles Available
• Works with Smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC Computers!

The Gardian HS App helps you get the very best from your Gardian HS Monitor which is available exclusively from SurfaceScience Inc. The Gardian HS Monitor is a touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser & Safety Screening System that helps to control the rising fear of virus and pathogen transmission in private and public places. The Gardian HS App and Gardian HS Monitors are the only monitoring system that provide instant temperature, (normal, high and fever) results with real-time recording of data.

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Tank Capacity

700ml (23.67 fl. oz.)

Unit Dimensions

23.7cm x 11cm x 9cm
(9.33” x 4.33” x 3.54”)

Power Consumption

≤3 Watts

Power Supply

- DC5V (adapter included)
- 3 x AA Batteries
(not included)

Sensing Range

5-10cm (1.97”-3.94”)

Working Temperature

10-40˚C (50-104˚F)

Net Weight

560g (19.75 oz.)

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