BioBrand EcoShine Surface Protector from SurfaceScience
BioBrand EcoShine Surface Protector from SurfaceScience | 1 Litre
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BioBrand EcoShine Surface Protector from SurfaceScience
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BioBrand EcoShine Surface Protector from SurfaceScience | 1 Litre

BioBrand EcoShine

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BioBrand® EcoShine is an organic spray on paint protector that takes 2 minutes to apply and provides protection against bugs, bird droppings, dirt, UV damage and other environmental factors for up to one year. BioBrand® EcoShine is the easiest way to protect your vehicle, this spray-on paint protector is applied and then the excess is simply rinsed off.

BioBrand® EcoShine utilizes a unique, proprietary micro-molecular organic technology to create a tough film on virtually any hard surface you want to protect. It preserves the shine and finish of treated surfaces rendering them hydrophobic, oleo phobic and resistant to staining and discolouration.

  • Leaves surfaces oleo phobic and super hydro phobic.
  • Product is non - leaching.
  • Highly resistant to acids, alkaline, solvents, washing and frost.
  • Reduces dirt, grease and waste buildup by making a barrier that requires less cleaning.
  • Lasts a long period of time.
  • Does not break down due to temperature increases (heat).
  • BioBrand® EcoShine will work on many surfaces - paint, glass, wheel rims and trim. This eliminates the need to worry about damaging parts.
  • Can work as a waterproofing agent for concrete walls and floors.

Vehicle does not need to be fully dry prior to application. Application to glass, trim, plastic lenses and rims is permitted.

  1. Clean vehicle to ensure all contaminants are removed.
  2. Spray a light even coating over the surface.
  3. Allow to bond for no more than 2 minutes.
  4. Either hand dry vehicle while still wet, or, alternatively you can rinse vehicle off with a strong flat spray of water and then dry vehicle.

  • Apply in a very fine spray while the surface is not hot.
  • Surface must be clean and free from all oils, grease, wax, and other substances that will block the particles from bonding to the surface.
  • The temperature should be above 12ºC for application and very little to no wind to ensure a safe successful application.

Perfect For

SUV’s • Snowmobiles • RV’s • Tractors • Cars • Boats • Marine • Trucks • Trailers • Vans • ATV’s • Motorcycles • Sleds • Outdoor Buildings • Farm Equipment • Agriculture Equipment • Used Equipment • Storage Sheds • Animal Pens • Waterproofing Surfaces

In The Agricultural & Farming Industry

Agricultural & Farming Industry uses include waterproofing interior and exterior surfaces to assist in the removal of dirt, grime and waste buildup. This environmentally friendly coating lasts a long time and does not break down due to heat increases. Use BioBrand® EcoShine to waterproof your barn, sheds and outbuildings' concrete walls and floors. Coat animal pens to reduce waste buildup and assist in reducing cleaning time.

About Our BioBrand® Product Line of Eco-Friendly Cleaners & Coatings

Our BioBrand® line of Eco-Friendly Cleaners & Coatings have gone through strict sourcing protocols to ensure they are developed with environmentally friendly formulations and manufacturing processes.

Our BioBrand® product line includes all-encompassing blends of simple safe basic ingredients such as water and micro molecular organic technology created in some of the most advanced state of the art laboratories in the world.