SurfaceScience Inc. Celebrates 100 Million TotalSTOP Wipes Sold

SurfaceScience Inc. Celebrates Crossing 100 Million TotalSTOP Wipes Sold Milestone

TotalSTOP Insect Repellent wipes are a breakthrough, safe, and effective product. The brand's recent sales are exceeding even the highest of expectations.

London, Ontario - For over 10 years in Europe and many countries globally these long-lasting, safe, and easy-to-use wipes have become increasingly popular, so much so that TotalSTOP celebrated selling 100 million wipes to happy customers.

Insect-borne diseases from tick and mosquito bites are becoming a real problem in Canada. Until recently, there weren't any real options to fend-off ticks without resorting to using potentially harmful insect repellent sprays containing DEET. London, Ontario-based SurfaceScience Inc. changed this dynamic by recently releasing DEET-Free TotalSTOP™ Insect Repellent wipes in Canada.

"We knew from the minute we decided to introduce Deet-free repellent wipes to Canada - it would be a success," commented the company's founder. "Still, we are grateful for how quickly the popularity of TotalSTOP has grown. It's a huge accomplishment for SurfaceScience, and we appreciate each and every person who makes a purchase."

TotalSTOP is Health Canada Approved and is registered by the US EPA. Its main active ingredient is internationally recognized as a safe and effective alternative to DEET-based products, making it an excellent choice for travel.

The product is packaged in special eco-friendly foils which are extremely durable and 100% recyclable. The large, oversized wipes are also 100% biodegradable, and are guaranteed to remain wet for 5 years.

TotalSTOP wipes are available across Canada in select stores or can be ordered directly from the company's online shop.

With sales continuing to build momentum, the next 100 million sold is expected to come even quicker than the first. SurfaceScience is actively recruiting interested retailers for distribution and sales and recommends contacting them directly for more information.

"I am allergic to nearly every spray to fend off insects. I was surprised to try TotalSTOP and not be irritated at all. Plus, it works like magic. I highly recommend!"

- Kent S., from Regina

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