SurfaceScience Launches New Customer-Focused Website for TotalSTOP

SurfaceScience Inc. Celebrates Launch of New Customer-Focused Website

Building from the success of the new TotalSTOP insect repellent wipes, the company behind the breakthrough now has a website devoted to this revolutionary popular product.

London, Ontario - SurfaceScience Inc. announces the launch of their new customer-focused insect repellent-based website:

Canadian company SurfaceScience has a well-established reputation that stretches across several industries since 2007. In recent months, a new product has been skyrocketing in popularity for SurfaceScience - TotalSTOP DEET-Free Insect Repellent which is available in the form of both a spray and in individually wrapped wipes. This DEET-Free alternative is proven effective and is safe for the entire family. This unique product in Canada has caused interest in TotalSTOP to gain momentum steadily. Responding to demand, the company recently launched the new website aimed at customers and exclusively focused on this one product line. The response has been entirely positive.

“We take our online presence seriously,” remarked a spokesperson from SurfaceScience, “Our company website is a great resource, but TotalSTOP deserves its own space. The new website is packed with information and is easy to navigate.”

Highlights of the new TotalSTOP website include a streamlined layout and design, an in-depth FAQ’s section that covers all aspects of TotalSTOP and Icaridin, downloadable infographics regarding insect-borne diseases and an engaging “Beat The DEET" blog” that is updated regularly.

The new online presence for TotalSTOP is sure to help spread the word about the product, which takes a unique approach in Canada to fighting ticks. TotalSTOP offers long-lasting protection for up to 12 hours from Mosquitoes and Ticks and 10-hour protection from Black Flies. TotalSTOP is approved by Health Canada and can even be used by pregnant women and children six months of age or older.

“We ordered TotalSTOP wipes online for a vacation. They worked perfectly, protecting myself, my wife, and, most importantly, our son. The main worry was ticks, but the wipes kept mosquitoes away too. We will be ordering more for future outdoor adventures!”

- Francois T., from Montreal

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