TotalSTOP Deet-Free Icaridin Insect Repellent Now Available In Canada and the United States

London, ON - TotalSTOP is currently sold in over 40 countries worldwide and is now available in Canada and the United States exclusively through SurfaceScience and will be available for store shelves by spring 2022.

TotalSTOP is now available to retailers, resellers & wholesale distributors and is offered as both a spray or as towelettes. Utilizing Icaridin as it’s active ingredient, TotalSTOP is the first Deet-free product on the Canadian market to be offered as 100% biodegradable towelettes, and is also available as a spray.

TotalSTOP provides long-lasting, 12 hour, effective protection from mosquitoes and ticks, and 10 hour protection from black flies. Featuring portable, individually wrapped wipes that are not oily, greasy or sticky utilizing a formulation that will not damage fishing lines, plastic or other synthetic materials. The unique foil package is  100% recyclable, is water-proof and perfect for boaters, kayakers or any outdoor enthusiast.

“This highly-effective, broad spectrum insect repellent is known for it’s skin-friendly properties.” Says Donald Hawken, owner of SurfaceScience Inc. “Users appreciate this products’ easy application and effectiveness.”

TotalSTOP’s active ingredient Icaridin is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the substance of choice for the prevention of malaria prophylaxis and is one of the CDC-recommended, EPA-registered insect repellent active ingredients proven effective in protecting against insects that carry both Lyme disease or the Zika virus.

Approved for use in 40+ countries, TotalSTOP is perfect for the whole family including individuals with skin sensitivities, children 6+ months, pregnant and nursing mothers!