Use TotalSTOP to Guard Against Insect Borne Diseases

London, ON - TotalSTOP provides long-lasting 12 hour effective protection from mosquitoes, ticks and 10 hour protection from black flies. Chemical studies have found TotalSTOP’s main ingredient when found on the skin, render humans ‘invisible’ to mosquito senses.

The ground-breaking formulation of TotalSTOP has been all the “buzz” regarding insect repellents this year. With summer already here, so is the seasonal onslaught of biting pests with which come insect-borne diseases such as the West Nile Virus (mosquitoes) and Lime Disease (ticks). 

TotalSTOP is the first product on the market that is effective against bites from all known bugs – not just those annoying mosquitoes and ticks; but black flies as well. While TotalSTOP primarily protects against bites, this unique formulation also keeps insects and bugs at bay by acting on their odourant/ smell receptors, thereby disabling their ability to recognize us as “human blood donors”. 

Anyone who spends time in nature has long waited for an all-round repellent that is effective during all Canadian seasons, and is easy to use - regardless of what insect or bug it goes up against. A formulation such as this has never existed in Canada - until now. TotalSTOP has been approved by the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) alongside Health Canada, and this revolutionary addition to SurfaceScience’s product line has proven to be superior to any and all competing products on the market. By combining innovative and safe ingredients, TotalSTOP effectively repels bugs and provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of insect bites. 

The duration of the product’s effects have proven to repel ticks & mosquitoes for 12 hours and black flies for 10 hours. Thanks to the unique formulation of TotalSTOP, repellency effectiveness will not be adversely affected by either rain or heavy perspiration. Delicate enough to be used on children 6+ months, on pregnant or nursing mothers, by individuals with sensitive skin conditions and allergy sufferers. 

Independent research has proven Icaridin to be incredibly effective, and has been approved in over 40 countries by organizations such as: the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and Health Canada. Icaridin and its properties are more highly valued than diethyltoluamide (DEET), an older type of chemical agent from the 1950s, which is contained in many mosquito repellents today. While DEET is known to be a skin irritant, Icaridin is gentle on the skin, it is odourless, and harmless to plastics or synthetic fibres.

Icaridin is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the substance of choice in insect repellents and have approved the use of Icaridin across the globe. Now, whenever consumers travel abroad, they can bring TotalSTOP with them, instead of searching for local, less effective alternatives. 

TotalSTOP products are currently sold in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and now in Canada exclusively from SurfaceScience.