BioBrand Defend Fabric Protector | Eco-Friendly | by SurfaceScience | 1L Bottle
BioBrand Defend Fabric Protector | Eco-Friendly | by SurfaceScience | 1L Refill Bottle
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, BioBrand Defend Fabric Protector | Eco-Friendly | by SurfaceScience | 1L Bottle
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, BioBrand Defend Fabric Protector | Eco-Friendly | by SurfaceScience | 1L Refill Bottle

BioBrand Defend™ Fabric Protector - 1L

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BioBrand® Defend™ Fabric Protector revolutionizes fabric care with its advanced, breathable formula designed to safeguard surfaces against dirt, stains, and spills.

This breathable, ready-to-use water-based formula forms a long-lasting, durable, hygienic barrier on surfaces. Developed as a water-based solution, it seamlessly integrates into fabric fibers, forming an invisible shield that repels liquids and prevents them from penetrating.

The treated surface becomes dirt and stain resistant, allowing for easy removal of soils and staining caused by fluids and foods. Unlike traditional fabric protectors, BioBrand® Defend is ready to use, making application effortless and hassle-free.

Moreover, the treated surface needs only to be cleaned with a cloth and warm water, ensuring convenient maintenance. This innovative protector extends the life of the surface without affecting fabric texture and can be applied to most absorbent surfaces.

  • Protective Shield: Creates a durable barrier that repels liquids effectively, preventing stains and spills from penetrating fabrics.
  • Upholstery Savior: Trusted by customers for over eight years, this fabric protector preserves the texture and appearance of upholstery, even on outdoor patio furniture.
  • Liquid Repellent Magic: Customers rave about its ability to repel liquids, making cleanup a breeze and saving fabrics from stains caused by spills.
  • Kid-Proof and Stress-Free: Safe for both children and adults! Families rely on it to keep fabric surfaces pristine amidst daily spills and messes, ensuring an stress-free environment for parents.
  • Game Changer: Particularly praised by parents of messy kids, it has transformed households by providing reliable protection for fabric surfaces.
  • Outdoor Furniture Must-Have: Essential for outdoor living, it preserves the vibrancy of outdoor fabrics and furniture, even after exposure to the elements.
  • Worth Every Penny: Customers agree that the investment is worthwhile for the peace of mind it brings, especially in busy households.
  • Contains no chemicals, resin, or toxic substances: Ensures a safe and eco-friendly product for use around children and adults.
  • Eco-friendly: Safe for both children and adults. Promotes sustainability and safety in fabric care.
  • Hydrophobic Properties: Fabrics become super resistant to fluids, mold, and mildew. Provides enhanced protection against common sources of fabric damage.
  • Continue to clean surfaces after application with just water and without harsh chemicals: Simplifies maintenance and reduces the need for additional cleaning products.
  • Keeps the fabric from fading and locks in color: Preserves the vibrancy and appearance of treated fabrics over time.
  • Long-lasting protection: Ensures prolonged effectiveness for extended fabric care.
  • Does not affect fire-resistant fabrics: Maintains the fire-resistant properties of treated fabrics.
  • Simple and ready to use: Offers convenience and ease of application for users.
  1. Surface to be treated must be clean, dry and free of dust.
  2. Spray directly on fabric using long even strokes to ensure consistent coverage.
  3. As you apply, have a clean dry cloth to wipe off excess overspray.
  4. Allow 1-2 hours to completely dry. Drying may be accelerated by fan or dryer.
  5. Stabilizes in minutes after application.

Note: Do no apply to any areas other than fabric.

In Your House

Carpets • Home Furnishings • Umbrellas • Fabric Chairs • Fabric Couches • Outdoor Fabrics & Furniture • Pillows • Curtains & Drapes • Bedding & Linens • Throw Blankets • Pet Beds • Fabric Lampshades • Fabric Wall Hangings

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Cloth Seats • Interior Carpets • Trunk Interiors • Child Seats • Seat Belts • Door Panels • Headliners • Armrests • Dashboard Coverings • Fabric Door Trim Panels • RV Furniture & Cushions • Fabric Blinds or Shades • RV Mattresses

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About Our BioBrand® Product Line of Eco-Friendly Cleaners & Coatings

Our BioBrand® line of Eco-Friendly Cleaners & Coatings have gone through strict sourcing protocols to ensure they are developed with environmentally friendly formulations and manufacturing processes.

Our BioBrand® product line includes all-encompassing blends of simple safe basic ingredients such as water and micro molecular organic technology created in some of the most advanced state of the art laboratories in the world.

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